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- Health Clubs & Gyms

- Health & Medical Facilities

- Dr. Offices & Waiting Rooms

- Drug Stores & Pharmacies

- Recreation Centers






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AdvertisingHealthy Locations Here!

Welcome Your Clients In Your Waiting Rooms, Provide Clear Instructions, Reach All Customers, Regardless of Language or Disability, Reach

More Customers at Once, Provide Entertainment to Make the Time Pass Quickly, Personalize & Promote Your Business, Provide Entertainment and

Information to Minimize Client Frustration, Entertain Gym Members and Promote Healthy Living, Promote Products & Services.

Educate Patients with Top Medical News, Health & Medical Announcements & Updates, General information, Patient notifications, Schedule

Appointments Notices, Immunization Information, Emergency Messaging, Waiting Room Signage. Improve internal communications with informing

patients on the latest recalls, epidemics and other health related issues. Signage can also be used for staff areas to help communicate certain

company details,highlight new policies and procedures.

Why Not Engage, Educate and Entertain Your Patients While They Wait!

You have a captive audience in your waiting room. They are there, they are bored, and they may be anxious.

And, you have a great opportunity to do some excellent practice marketing for your practice.

AdvertisingHealthy Network fills so many needs, not only practice marketing. From the patient’s viewpoint, it can entertain, educate and inform. From a marketing standpoint, it reinforces your brand and image, and communicates vital information as well as encouraging patient retention and referrals.

Using a large television screen, AdvertisingHealthy is dynamic – you can update it when you have new services, or just want a fresh look.

Even in a busy waiting room, this form of practice marketing will get the attention of your patients and visitors. Here are ten great ways Advertising Healthy can assist your practice:

1. Enhanced Patient Experience With AdvertisingHealthy Network– You can make going to your office fun with unique digital content. Patients will tell others about the “great thing my doctor has in the office.”

2. Entertainment – Face it, you can only read so many magazines while you’re waiting for your appointment time. AHDTV can entertain anxious and fidgety children. It gives patients something to do besides wait and worry.

3. Practice Marketing that will Build Your Brand – It’s nice to reinforce your image, your brand and your identity. It gives your office the polish and feel of a large practice, while personalizing it for your patients.

4. Information and Communication – One of the most practical uses for AdvertisingHealthy Network is to inform your patients. You can use the display to communicate your hours and policies.

5. Promote Products and Services – This is the perfect place to offer new services or products, or remind patients of offerings you may not always get around to mentioning during their visits.

6. Consistency in your Message – with AdvertisingHealthy, your message will always be consistent, and presented in exactly the way you prefer. You can take the burden off of your staff to remember the “extras” they may not have time to mention during busy times.

7. Education – Your digital signage can explain medical procedures in a friendly and conversational way. You can use it to walk patients through what they will experience, or you can use graphics to reinforce the importance of healthy habits.

8. Build Stronger Relationships – Not only will AdvertisingHealthy engage your patients, you can use it to build stronger relationships with them and to personalize your practice by featuring information about office staff.

9. Referrals – AdvertisingHealthy has been shown to increase referrals. Not only can you use your display to ask for referrals from happy patients, you can then display comments on-screen, which will encourage more of the same.

10. Stretch Your Marketing Budget – Is your waiting room littered with brochures that don’t get picked up or end up in the trash. Do you run out of promotional materials?  You can save money on paper and printing costs by putting those messages on your AdvertisingHealthy screen. And, you’ll be doing something good for the environment too.







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