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since 2007

Users have discovered that digital signage media can often achieve multiple goals simultaneously

in a single content spot or through the use of various spots in a playloop. Neuroscientists note that

animated and motion visuals get noticed, if only briefly or for microseconds, because the brain is

“hard-wired” to notice motion as a way to detect a threat or opportunity. After having noticed the

visual motion, the brain quickly assesses the relevance of the message. The person then “ingests”

or “de-selects” the message, absorbing it, taking it in or disregarding it.As such, the place-based

media influences the experience in an environment and if relevant, will influence ambitions

and behaviors.





Digital signage has experienced explosive growth, communicating messages on flat screen tv's

that inform, inspire and influence at places where people shop, browse, travel, gather, work and

study. It has proven itself as “fit for task” and has gained the “approval of audiences” as attested

by sales lifts, brand and message awareness, engagement and the broad, positive attitudes

toward this place-based media.

Digital signage is a "Swiss army knife" for marketing and communications messaging. It can be

used as a cutting knife effectively at one time to get a message to targeted audiences. A second

later the “cork screw” feature of the knife can inspire engagement and opt-in. As a Swiss army

knife is "fit to multiple tasks" with benefits enjoyed through its use, so it is with Digital Signage.

But it equally can serve as a precision instrument for audience targeting and message delivery.

Once the utility of the device has been established, attention typically turns to maximizing

its value.

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